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tv   Listening Post  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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>> hello, i am richard. you are at the "listening post." how bad have things grown for the media in egypt? even this puppet is accused of dealing in muslim brotherhood propaganda. daggers drawn in turkey between the prime minister and journalists trying to get to the bottom of a political scandal. imagery and the career ending implications for proceed if he wassal photo journal accidents. -- journalists. when egypt's military-backed
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government designated the miss lim brotherhood a terrorist organization last month, it broad ended the authority to move against the group. the decree also has serious implications for journalists because now, covering the muslim brotherhood has become a minefield for the media. this channel has come under increased pressure with three al jazeera journalists in detention accused of communicating with members of a terrorist organization and spreading lies harmful to the state. they join two of their colleagues from al jazeera's arabic news channels who are also behind bars. al jazeera's network of channels has been accused of failing to report the story in a balanced way. al jazeera is not the only news outlet that's feeling the heat. not even state-owned television is immune. the head of nile t.v. was fired for airing a documentary on depose president mohamed morsi. many argue that in times of political crisis media freedom must be curtailed for the sake of national security. news organizations, many of
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their journalists, bloggers and pupts, even puppets have been affected. our starting point this week is cairo. for journalists at the moment here is like in america after 9-11. >> there is hardly any room for dissent on egyptian t.v. >> the egyptian government seems to believe it's an opportunity to shut down a media that progress opposition alcon tent. >> they are doing their job and they get these serious charges. it's going to get worse. the political crisis in egypt is so serious, it's effect on the journalism coming out of the country so profound to even mention a story of a mobile
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phone app and a puppet would appear trivial but it's not. the story reflects egypt's dissent from the draconian into the farscicle, it is a tirrism probe. a cartoon character, a vodaphone adver he is on the phone, and a blogger called spider came up with a completely way out psyche deltic interpretation of video clip and in fact this was some kind of coded message for a terrorism and officials were summoned by terrorism state prosecutors. >> it goes to the
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point where they were invited on the air waves of a private t.v. channel to defend and deny the allegations and was confronted by the spider on t.v. in one since, it's comedic. in another sense, it's dangerous that they are willing to go to any extent to investigate any notion of terrorism the biggest media weapon has been the state-owned broadcasting behomath, more than 30,000 employees. one of the main channels broadcast a pro-morsi piece. the video was produced by a pro-brotherhood organization and circulated online. it appears someone who is sympathetic of mohamed morsi
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let's it go to air. it was on air about eight minutes callers contacted the station saying how could such a thing air that led to the shutting down of the broadcast and eventually the firing of the head of nile t.v. >> this is what the interim government on egyptian airways, children dressed in military gear singing the parades did of general sisi. >> i love you, sisi. >> this video wasn't on state-owned media. it aired on privately-owned channels that in the days of tahrir square were trumpeting independence. the egyptian media is broadcasting and going to print against the new legal backdrop. the deckclaration that the muslim brotherhood who was the elected government seven months ago is now to be treated as a terrorist organization. >> this is intimidation, it moons if there is any kind of
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remote sympathy to present a balanced story that does include the muslim brotherhood narrative in the account, they will run the risk. it's a form of curbing. >> the e job description media has actually embraced this categorization of the muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization and really ado notted the jargon the few that are prepared to challenge this are increasingly silent. >> or they are finding their journalists behind bars. five al jazeera employees are in egyptian jails. the three most recently arrested work for al jazeera english. mohammed fakni and backnar mohammed haand core respondent have been arrested since
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december 29 december 29thaccount, among the charges, communicating with a banned terrorist organization. >> nobody is off limits. if you are not going to tell the government sur running some very harsh consequences and serious consequences whether you are an egyptian journalist many stream media. set by the government is going to be prone to some kind of harsh consequences. >> this is important to understand the context of what this is taking place in. following moversi's ouster the channel of the muslim brotherhood and all those channels were shut down. the only voices on the air waves pairots the government's narrative of a war on terror. >> so it's become a very polarized media landscape al jazeera is one of the few places where people can go to hear the other end of the
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polarized spectrum. so, the bias is on both sides. >> many people in the islamist camp express very extreme radical views including anti-semitic views and sometimes these views are aired on al jazeera. >> now, these are usually guests. al jazeera would be what can you do with these people? you can't ignore them. they are important to hear whether you like it or not. these are value judgments. the important thing to remember is that there is no such thing as objective truth and all channels have failings. >> journalism chronicles societal and political change. among the changes in the egyptian media since the arab spring, al jazeera lauded for its reporting by the protesters
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in tahrir scare is nowvillefied by many of those same people. most of the private t.v. channels that fought the pro-mubarik, are now among the biggest backers of an unelected military government that's cracking down on dissent. allah abdel fatta, one of the bloggers feted for bravery in 2011 is now in jail for taking part in a political protest. times and seasons change. spring has turned to winter in egypt and the effect on the country's journalism is chilling. >> start with one issue education... gun control... the gap between rich and poor... job creation... climate change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong...
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>> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america >> every sunday night al jazeera america presents the best documentaries. a historic election >> we have 47% of our people who pay no income taxes... >> we take you behind the scenes >> i'm rick santorum, i'm running for president... >> no barriers... >> i intend to be the nominee that defeats barack obama >> no restrictions... >> i think we're catching on... >> no filters... >> my guess is they won't be voting for me... >> al jazeera america presents caucus >> a jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour >> here are the headlines at this hour breaking news... sports... business... weather... live news...every hour, on the hour only on al jazeera america
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fema sending clean water to west virginia in the wake of a toxic chemical spill. hundreds of thousands can't drink or bathe. >> the united states is reportedly considering sanctions on south sudan if the violence is not contained soon. thousands are packing into the camps if the risk of disease escalates. delegates are the ethiopia trying to hammer out a deal to apiece both sides. >> in central african republic, the president steps down. safety. >> an indian diplomat is back in her home country after the u.s. ordered her to leave on visa fraud charms. an american counterpart has been september packing. india's foreign minister says it is not a standoff. >> these are
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>> team now for listening post news bytes. in turkey, a political scandal and a legal ruling have once again put journalists there on a war footing against the ardawan government. the scandal has led to the arrests of two cabinet ministers all of which came as a result of a police investigation followed by the removal of more than 100 police chiefs from their posts. then came a directive from the national police association banning journalists from entering police buildings. >> ban has since been overturned by a court, at least temporarily but not before prime minister arduwan was accused of trying to muzzle the turkish media. he has gone after one journalist newspaper. he said his tweets contained heavy insults and swear words in a bid to prove voc the nation to hatred.
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zamalaf said they were references to reports already in the media. governments have been told to get their tweeting under control after one claimed he could not substantiate deputy pm but lent bemoaned the fact ministers never put down their phones and tweet day and night. a journalist who was shot in the final hours of 2013 became the first pakistani reporter killed in 2014 when he sent in hospital on new year's day. sean dahar was a senior reporter for a channel called a bp ak gunned down in the district of southern pakistani. according to abkak one arrest has been made in connection with the murder which is significant. few of those who killed journalists in pakistan ever get arrested convictions in those cases are almost unheard of. fellow pakistani journists protested following daher's murder calling on the government to do more to protect immediately media workers.
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the ifj countries. >> 70s the to three months in prison after she interviewed a lawyer for a story about corruption. the lawyer subsequently sued her for defamation. the chief editor said the sentence was aimed at sending a message. the judge could have imposed a
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fine but gave the prison sentence not only to threaten the reporter but press freedom. daily 11 is the largest and most widely circulated of a number of publications that has emerged on privately owned newspapers was lifted nine months ago. authorities in bahrain are holding a journalists. he provided images for a number of agencies, demotix and sipa, he was taken by his home by security forces in the early hours of december 26th. the opposition news agency reports the family members have visited him in prison and that his x-rays show frac sewetures to ribs. it's not the first i am he has been arrested. he wasdee tained and beaten. information on political activists.
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pairist based fresh freedom place demanded his unconditionable release calling on the bahraini authorities such practices constitute a grave threat to freedom of information and throughout bahrain's international obligations. news rooms across the global are shrinking. budgets are slashed. hardest hit people, according to photo journalists. the think tank conducted a study and it concluded the ranks of photographers amend videographers have been cut in half over past decade or so from slightly more than 6,000 in the year 2000 to fewer than 3,500 in 2012. doom sayers are predicting the end of a profession, calling photo journalists a dying breed soon to be replaced with citizen journalists equipped with smartphones and a broadband connection.
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they are a better fit under shoestring news budgets but they can in some cases leave the news consumer looking at an infrrp product. listening post's nick newerhead on the digitally driven crisis in photo journalism. >> photographs have helped illustrate some of the most important stories of the ages from the hin dehindenburg disaster and hiroshima. south vietnam in 1963. the famine in somalia in 1993. 9-11, 2001. imagine those stories without the images. this will help. on november 14th, last year, the french daily libercion ran the paper for the first time without any photographs. the message was very simple. look. this is what it is. if you have
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a newspaper without any photographs. this is what it looks like. there was obviously something missing. photographs are part of the information. it is news. the way you look at photography, pictures is the way you look at news. it's a different form of news a people. >> i don't think it said that the art of journalism is dying. what it illustrated more to me was about the power of photography in whatever guys it takes the entry point, it provides a individuals ideal reference, draws the reader into that story. it can provide fantastic context to illustrate the story as a whole. a certain piece of news happened. there wasn't a picture. you know, feels like it didn't happen photo journalism is becoming more crucial. >> it's great big publications value what we do if you value
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what we do, pay us. pay us what we are worth. to me, that will be more impr s impressive than a bunch of empty boxes. more photographs taken in the last two years than have ever existed in human history. >> plethora as big news try to find ways to cut costs. theoretically, camera phones and a did i knowal era means anyone can be a journalit. practice? >> . >> the chicago sun times" fired the entire photography staff, opting to train reporters to take photographs with their iphones. there is an awful example. other reporters doing stuff with iphones. rob heart was one of the photographers who lost his job at the paper. clearly, he has not been impressed with the reporter iphone coverage so far. for instance in november last year, a tornado ripped through
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the state of illinois, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake imagery was powerful so was the football team defying a natural disaster to practice for the state's semifinal that weekend. >> you would think, there are going to be some great visuals of the team coming together. they have a feel. a lot of these kids may not have homes to go to. the photo was just like a picture of back of someone standing on the field. it was shot by the reporter as an afterthought. dan yell morel's a disaster. the images were dibtributed by getty aimages. they were not submitted but illegally obtained by twitter according to a new york jury
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which found that the agency had willfully infringed. he was awarded $1.2 million in a land mark decision that photo journal histories hope will curtail copy right abuses over the internet. the problem is there is so much photography now on the internet you have to be careful about who has done it and the distribution. obviously once it's in the wall and then it's, you know, like the fact that they are using it without knowing. >> i think this case was extremely significant because in a way, it pushed for what almost every photographer has been suffering from, which is the copy right infringement and i am sure there has been a huge revision among all of these agencies regarding proceed indications they can have. it's definitely a bit of a bright news and otherwise struggling industry. >> the key for photo journalists
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is to find a way to harnets the power and losing their material. if they manage to do that, this is not the end of photo journalism, the new lucrative era. i don't think photo journalism could die. >> would be hard to kill. it has to be evolving. if you look at the first photograph of a human being from 1838 in paris, it was a 10-minute exposure. it took 10 minutes for this person to show up on a piece of film. a guy can shoot a picture in syria and someone in california can see it before it is even exposed. amaidsing. >> imagine the historic news images captured by an amateur made on a smartphone that paints a picture of what news as we have come to see it would look like without photo
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>> start with one issue education...
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millions who need assistance now. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere.
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why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next. the stream is uniquely interactive television. in fact, we depend on you, your ideas, your concerns. >> all these folks are making a whole lot of money. >> you are one of the voices of this show. >> i think you've offended everyone with that kathy. >> hold on, there's some room to offend people, i'm here. >> we have a right to know what's in our food and monsanto do not have the right to hide it from us. >> so join the conversation and make it your own. >> watch the stream. >> and join the conversation online @ajamstream. >> finally, it may seem a little bit late for a retrospective of journalism until 2013 but the reason we have selected this next video is because it underscores some of the points
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we have just made in that piece on photo journalism. the international news agent sigh, rioters compiled a video of what it called the extraordinary images taken by its global network of photographers last year. it includes ossman's photograph of turkey's square of protests and the heavy hand taken. a photography of malian children playing on a football stadium during fighting. pay attention to the last imam in the video. it was taken by a chinese photographer, chin shong ku. water. he manages to capture the water and a wave of phone cameras recording the event with more than 325,000 hits online, reuters' pictures of the year, 2013, is our web video of the week. that sometimes they have
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lost -- at times they have -- they don't have the self-confidence that is sufficient for a nation to act on in their own interest. and it is very dangerous that we have depleted a nation from its self confidence. >> revelations about possible u.s. interference in the last presidential elections here come just a few months before afghan's go to the polls to vote for their next leader. president karzai has warned repeatedly against foreign manipulation. a warning that now seems to hold more weight. jane ferguson, al jazeera, kabul, afghanistan. now here is an intriguing proposition, could some of the prominent faces the british side of the iraq war about to apoor officially accused of war crimes, it is not beyond the realms of possibility in criminal court it seems. straight to our news center to >> audiences are intelligent
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and they know that their needs are not being met by american tv news today. >> entire media culture is driven by something that's very very fast... >> there has been a lack of fact based, in depth, serious journalism, and we fill that void... >> there is a huge opportunity for al jazeera america to change the way people look at news. >> we just don't parachute in on a story...quickly talk to a couple of experts and leave... >> one producer may spend 3 or 4 months, digging into a single story... >> at al jazeera, there are resources to alow us as journalists to go in depth and produce the kind of films... the people that you don't see anywhere else on television. >> we intend to reach out to the people who aren't being heard. >>we wanna see the people who are actually effected by the news of the day... >> it's digging deeper it's asking that second, that third question, finding that person no one spoken to yet... >> you can't tell the stories of the people if you don't get their voices out there, and al jazeera america is doing just that.
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welcome to al jazeera america i'm morgan radford. here are the stories we are meanwhile, frustration is growing for hundreds of thousands of west virginia residents who have gone without clean tap water for days. and in haiti, many are still struggling to put their lives back together four years after the devastating earthquake. plus, the pope makes a big announcement from vatican city.


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